Friday, April 23, 2010

Asian or Not

Let's play a little game. It's called Asian or Not*. See if you can figure out if the below folks are Asian or not.

1. Asian or Not: Vanessa Hudgens (actress and singer)

2. Asian or Not: Rob Schneider (Actor)

3. Asian or Not: Ronde and Tiki Barber (twin football players)

4. Asian or Not: Tyson Beckford (model and TV personality)

5. Asian or Not: Hines Ward (football player)

6. Asian or Not: Joseph Gordon Levitt (actor)

7. Asian or Not: Kelis (singer)

8. Asian or Not: Kim Kardashian (model and actress)

9. Asian or Not: Jennifer Tilly (actress and poker player)

10. Asian or Not: Summer Glau (actress)

1. Vanessa Hudgens: This "High School Musical" star is indeed Asian. Of Irish and Native American heritage, the lovely Hudgens' mother is from the Philippines (she's Chinese-Filipino).

2. Rob Schneider: Yes, Deuce Bigalow is one-quarter Asian. His grandmother is Filipina.

3. Ronde and Tiki Barber: While the brothers have a little look of Asian, there's no information on hand to support the theory that they are of Asian descent.

4. Tyson Beckford: Even if he wasn't Asian, we'd still like to claim him. But indeed, Beckford has Asian blood in him, with ancestors being of the Chinese-Jamaican variety.

5. Hines Ward: Ward is what we like to call Blackinese. His mother is Korean and father is African-American.

6. Joseph Gordon Levitt: Sadly, this "(500) Days of Summer" star is not Asian. Or, as my co-worker says, "If he's not Asian, he's probably Filipino or something."

7. Kelis: Her milkshake does come from the Asian yard. Her mother is of Chinese-Puerto Rican descent.

8. Kim Kardashian: Nope, this gal is of Armenian descent.

9. Jennifer Tilly: She's one-quarter Asian.

10. Summer Glau: There's no confirmation that this well-named actress is Asian.

Thanks for playing. Stay tuned for more chances to play!

* This post is totally meant to be playful and whimsical. Please note that being offensive is the last thing I'm looking to do. My sincerest apologies is I did not achieve that goal.


  1. Replies
    1. In the Caribbean, we use the term "Chingo"

    2. That's not a JAMAICAN term though..

  2. Me too, Wesley. Blackinese are the best. By the way, some people say Joseph Gordon Levitt (#6) looks like Josh. I'm not sure if I agree...

  3. Joseph Gordon Levitt is Jewish, seriously, takes 10 seconds on Google.

    1. Jewish is a religious or a tribal designation. Since only the maternal bloodline is essential to be Jewish, almost any ethnicity mix can be "Jewish"

  4. Ronde and Tiki Barber don't even remotely look Asian.. also to us Asians, having a little Asian in your blood-line does NOT make you Asian. That's like saying Kristine Kreuk who has a mother of Jamaican-Chinese decent, is Asian..She hasn't a single Asian feature and would never in a million years pass for Asian. Domestic dogs are descendants of wolves.. but guess what, that doesn't make them wolves.. and being a descendant of an Asian doesn't make you Asian. No, I'm not saying people are dogs.. so don't go there.

    1. 1/4 Asian, maybe not. But I'm half Chinese and absolutely consider myself Asian. My dad is a mix of so many European cultures that I can't associate with any of them so I've grown up as an American Born Chinese. I look Asian according to Asians and myself and I celebrate Chinese culture and its holidays. I'm pretty sure I'm Asian.

    2. "Kreuk was born in Vancouver, British Columbia.[2] Her father, Peter Kreuk, is of Dutch descent; her mother, Deanna Che, is of Chinese descent, but was born in Indonesia; and her maternal grandmother was born in Jamaica." take 2 seconds to figure it out. kristine kreuk is half "asian".

  5. Anon, why are you calling people dogs? They don't look like dogs. That's just wrong calling people dogs. So your calling yourself a dog? Oh shit I went there. hahaha.

    Eh, I 100% don't look asian, pass for italian or mexican, i'm 1/2 asian.

    Anyway, this is a dumb game, you want to be mindfucked, look up asian's with blue eyes, muhahaha, doesn't have to be a direct descendant yeah let's go there.

  6. I actually looked up Kristin Kreuk's ethnicity because I thought she looked like she had some Asian in her.

  7. Armenia is in Asia. She is not East Asian, but she is definitely part West Asian :D

  8. "If he's not Asian, he's probably Filipino or something." -> Why even bother to shove this in here if the first 2 celebrities you posted are Filipinos and classified as Asians.

  9. Technically, blackinese isn't correct because he's half Korean. Blackinese refers to either half Japanese or half Chinese. Blasian would be the correct term; it's just half Asian in general because I'm pretty sure there isn't a term for half Korean, half African-American.

  10. Huh?! Kim Kardashian is of Asian descent. You know Asia isn't just squinty eyes, right?